Art Thesis Tips – Make Your Work a Masterpiece of Writing

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The student who starts writing an art thesis may at first think that it is a regular task, and does not differ from any other thesis writing.

This supposition may be partly right, since theses in art contain the same structural elements that any other thesis does. Nonetheless, there are some peculiarities for a thesis in every discipline, and the writers may utilize those peculiarities for the sake of making their thesis in art more valuable, remembered, and informative.


The present article aims at explicating the main features of art theses, and includes some tips for making an art thesis better.

5 Tips for Writing Wonderful Art Theses

The initial point to consider when writing an art thesis is to identify the field of interest topical for the modernity. It may concern old works of art, or the modern pieces of art that have just been produced; in any way, the topic has to be interesting and valuable.

When choosing topics for art theses, one should explore the commonalties and differences between artistic trends and periods, and identify the key relationships between the art and the social, political, and economic background of the artists’ environments.

Art theses will become a much more valuable piece of research in case they contain a psychological or psychoanalytical approach to art analysis, or the application of technological achievements in the analysis, etc.

All writers should perceive their theses as art initially, before, during, and after the process of writing. Science is also art, and writers have to show elegance in research on the work of art similarly to that employed by the masterpiece creator.


Common Mistakes of Art Thesis Writers

Art paper may be plain in case they focus only on the description of the work of art; the writer should include the critical appraisal and analytical skills as well

The writer should focus both on the creator of the artwork and the artwork itself; there is usually a story behind the art, and it has to be unveiled in the writing piece

Writers sacrifice form for the sake of content, which is unacceptable; academic writing standards should be retained throughout the writing process