Professionally Approved Dissertation Topics On Change Management

Posted by in Topics, on February 23, 2017

What is a change management?

Various kinds of principles or practices implemented by any organization or individual towards transitioning the individuals, teams or the whole organization via certain methods are termed as change management practices. The major objective of such practices are carried by using certain resources, following some business processes and implementing certain modes of operations. Certain budget is also allocated to bring a significant change in the tradition or structure of a company or organization.

Following are some most accepted change management topics chosen by research students-

  1. What are the issues faced by any business when the organization is in emerging state? What is the role of corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in starting the business?
  2. How successful are women entrepreneurs in running a business? What kinds of hurdles do they face while bringing change in any organization? How the hurdles faced by them are different from the men entrepreneurs?
  3. What does the term Entrepreneurial resilience means? What compels the entrepreneurs put their hands in another business after they fail in the previous one? What changes should they make while planning?
  4. What kind of strategic planning is required while starting a new venture?
  5. How any organization fosters its people, social and civic responsibilities?
  6. What are the repercussions faced by excessive work load on a business entrepreneur? What are the consequences seen on a business?
  7. What are the various kinds of tactics implemented by Activist Groups to bring changes in company?
  8. What kind of management practices are used by developing countries?
  9. What are the best HRM practices used in Asia Pacific Region? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  10. When the numbers of women managers are increasing in number now days, what are the factors that are affecting their success rate?
  11. What change face of terrorism has brought in changing the structure of the organization?
  12. What changes have been experienced after complying with environmental regulations? What are the benefits experienced by the firms?
  13. What is Environmental Supply Chain Management system? How it has brought a huge change in work sphere?
  14. What are the promises and challenges faced during a competition?
  15. What are the various kinds of holistic approaches followed during a business planning?
  16. How new innovations have become an attractive strategy in network marketing?

Pick the best topic and score high grades:

The above list of change management practices as part of dissertation topics is a good one and approved by professionals too. Pick the one that you think suits your writing style and catch the limelight.